Add new life to your old china!

Freshen up your old china set by combining your patterned pieces with solid color pieces. Our staff took several different china sets from around the mall and combined them with different colors of Fiesta ware.

Fiesta ware is perfect for complimenting your patterned dishes because it comes in so many beautiful colors.

Here we have mixed Periwinkle Fiesta with Inverness pattern china by Noritake.

These fancy gold rimmed Limoges plates look fabulous paired with the tangerine Fiesta.

Black is always classy. Here we paired some black amethyst dishes (not Fiesta), with Towanda pattern china by Seizan. Gorgeous!

At home I like to mix my Desert Rose pieces with the Fiesta Rose color dishes. I also mix in a little bit of green depression glass and it all goes together beautifully.

The dainty pink and blue flowers on this Prestige china by China Garden work well with many of the Fiesta colors. Here we have paired it with Turquoise Fiesta. 

The possibilities are endless. Have fun mixing and matching colors and patterns to get whole new looks for your home. Remember if you need some spots of color, Albany Antique Mall carries the largest collection of Fiesta ware around . We also carry many different old and new china sets.

Albany Antique Mall, open daily in Historic Downtown Albany, Oregon.






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