Easter Collectibles

No matter your age it is hard to resist soft fluffy bunnies, sweet little chicks and brightly decorated eggs in the springtime. When it comes to whimsical and colorful Easter collectibles most items are from the more secular celebrations that happen around springtime.

Favorites among collectors include paper mache and glass candy containers, paper eggs, tin eggs, celluloid toys, small porcelain Easter themed figurines and postcards.

The oldest and most collectible Easter items were made in Germany from the 1830’s through the 1950’s. Collectors can also find items made in Japan beginning from the mid 1930’s.

Here is a guideline for determining the age of Easter collectibles from Germany.

Pieces marked German were generally produced before 1918. Items with a German Republic stamp can be dated between 1918 and 1933. East Germany, German Democratic Republic, West Germany and Federal Republic of Germany marks all date after World War II.

Older German Easter collectibles generally hold more value than those from other parts of the world.

How did eggs and cute baby animals become symbols of Easter?

It is said that Ancient Persians presented eggs as gifts in the springtime to be a symbol of new life. When eggs became more plentiful the people began to decorate them in bright colors to mark the end of the long hard winter.

Some believe that the “Easter Bunny” actually originated as a hare. Ancient Egyptians fittingly considered the hare a sacred symbol of fertility. It took until the 19th century for the word hare to be translated into “rabbit”. It was also about this time that German candy factories began producing chocolate bunnies, eggs and chicks for the Easter celebrations. This tradition was brought to the United States by German immigrants.

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