Have A Very Vintage Christmas!

Have a Very Vintage Christmas!

There is nothing like the holiday season to bring about a little nostalgia.  I’ve   noticed that 024as the years go by those holidays items of Mom’s that use to be so silly or even ugly to me have now become the most beautiful items of all. Has this happened to you? Rummaging through Mom’s and Grandma’s old holiday boxes can bring about sentimental longing for those carefree childhood days. Unfortunately, between my five brothers and I and a couple of moves not many survived. That’s when it is convenient to own an antique mall. Vintage Christmas is everywhere.

Blow molds can make a big impact in your holiday display. Blow molds were first produced in the late 60’s and continued on until the 90’s when blow-up decorations became popular.

Paper houses for holiday villages came about in the late 1930’s and are still being made today. Gurley candles are another wonderful item from the 1930’s that are quite popular. Gurley candles come in all kinds of cute shapes and were made more for decorating than for burning. And who can resist Santa from any era?

Old sleds and snow skies can add charm to any home. Boy, what memories snow sleds conjure up! Tie on some vintage ornaments or ice skates and a swig of holly to make them really festive!022

There are plenty of wonderful vintage holiday finds waiting to be taken home and loved from the Albany Antique Mall. Stop by anytime we’re open daily. Now open until 8pm on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays through December 22nd. Albany Antique Mall is a proud member of Points for Profit. Come visit us on 2nd and Ellsworth and “Like” us on Facebook. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!

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