Ten Reasons To Shop at Albany Antique Mall

Ten Reasons to Shop at the Albany Antique Mall this year.

1.       Quality Items

Ever try to buy a hand forged tool in a regular store these days? How about a piece of furniture built by a true craftsman?  Are you looking for something made in the U.S.A.? Find all these and more at The Albany Antique Mall.

2.       Great Memories

Albany Antique Mall brings back your favorite childhood memories. Remember that Tonka truck you received on your fifth birthday, or that poodle skirt you wore to your first dance. You never know what vintage item might bring back a special memory for you. One of our favorite things about owning the mall is watching grandparents tell their grandchild about something they once played with.

3.       Friendly, helpful service.

At Albany Antique Mall, we are here to help you. We love to help you look for things, chat with you, negotiate for you, carry your items and load your car. We love our guests!

4.       Burn Calories

Albany Antique Mall features a complete loop so you can do your mall walking here. Add the stairs for extra calorie burn. There is lots of interesting scenery, great music, nice weather and a bathroom. Get your exercise done here!

5.       Variety

There is something for everyone. Tools, toys, beautiful glass, rusty metal stuff, jewelry, pottery, silver, furniture, linens, art, Pyrex, books, comics, clothes, lamps, repurposed furniture and home décor, and more. Where else can you find a chamber pot, an egg coddler or a vintage chicken coop?

6.       Recycling

Why buy cheap, “Made in China,” household goods when you can purchase beautiful, quality items made to last a lifetime. After all, they already have!

7.       Best Boutique

Shop at the largest vintage clothing boutique around. We carry men’s and women’s styles, military, purses, shoes, furs, kid’s clothes and newer prom dresses. We also have a collection of over 100 hats and bonnets.

8.       Clean, Organized, Beautiful Displays

Do you have a lot of neat stuff but don’t know how to put it together? Do you want to create a certain look? Browse through our beautiful displays, put together by our talented Dealers, for wonderful ideas for your own home.  Discover new ways to use and display your old furniture and vintage collections.

9.       Best Music

Sing, hum, and/or dance your way around the isles as you enjoy your favorite oldies. It’s not unusual to find our guests or our staff doing the same. We love to have fun!

10.   Local support

Help support downtown Albany by shopping at local businesses like, Albany Antique Mall. Open daily on the corner of 2nd and Ellsworth.


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