Dress Up Your Table With Cake Plates

With the holidays fast approaching you’ve probably begun thinking about what you’ll be serving and how you will decorate the table for your Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts. No matter what your decorating style, an easy way to dress up your table is by adding a cake plate.

Cake plates became popular in the late Victorian times when afternoon tea became an important tradition. There was a need for a way to display cakes so they could easily be seen by the guests. Existing serving platters, originally called salvers were altered by adding a foot, thus creating what we now call cake plates.

Pressed glass and clear and colored glass cake plates are highly collectible today. Ironstone stands in plain white or transfer patterns are also very sought after. Prices range from $50 to $350 depending on age, shape and condition. Cake plates can also be made from ceramics, lead crystal, silver plate, pressed aluminum or steel. Most common are round cake plates but you can also find square, hexagonal and octagonal plates inspired by the art deco period.

Cake plates can be used many different ways. They are like a stage for your showcase piece whether it’s dessert or some other special item. For Thanksgiving consider displaying small pumpkins on a tall cake plate. One idea for Christmas is to fill a three tiered cake stand with votive candles to make a beautiful centerpiece for your table. The possibilities are endless.

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