Fiesta Ware, Collectible, Useful, Fun

Collecting colorful Fiesta ware can be fun and rewarding, after all it’s the most popular dinnerware ever produced. The colors are vibrant and beautiful and are sure to brighten any kitchen they are used or displayed in.

If you are new to collecting Fiesta ware you will have many exciting options. At our mall you can choose from vintage, retired or new pieces in a multitude of colors. Vintage pieces are those pieces produced from 1936 until about 1972. Retired pieces are those pieces and colors that were produced after 1986 and then were discontinued. New Fiesta has been produced since 1986 and the colors are still being used today.

Albany Antique Mall carries one of the largest selections of Fiesta dinnerware around. Besides your normal place settings we carry several sizes of disc pitchers, sugar caddies, gravy boats, canister sets, relish trays, egg plates, cream & sugars, vases, bread trays, platters, tea pots, pie dishes and more!

Fiesta ware was introduced in 1936 by the Homer Laughlin Pottery Company.  Originally only five colors were used; Red (which looks orange), Blue, Green, Yellow and Ivory. The following year Turquoise was added to the pallet. The color red disappears from 1943 until 1959 because the Uranium needed to make the red glaze was not available during World War II. In 1951, Blue, Green and Ivory were retired and four more colors were added; Forest Green, Chartreuse, Rose and Grey. In 1959, Medium Green was added. In 1969, the entire line was restyled and Antique Gold and Turf Green were added. However, appeal for the dinnerware dwindled during the 60’s and the Fiesta line was halted in 1972.

In 1986, Fiesta ware was reintroduced to celebrate its 50th anniversary with a variety of new pieces. New colors include Cobalt, Rose, White, Black, Turquoise, Periwinkle Blue, Seamist Green, Persimmon, Cinnabar, Sunflower, Plum Purple, Shamrock, Scarlet and Evergreen. Colors retired after 1986 include Lilac in 1995, Sapphire in 1997, Chartreuse in 1999, Juniper and Pearl Gray in 2001 and Yellow in 2002.

Next time you want to add to your collection or start a new one think of, Albany Antique Mall. It’s a great time of year to add a little color to your kitchen!



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